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Post Academy Options

The end of the course is just the start of your exciting new career path. During the course, we will have spent time discussing career options and the global outdoor adventure industry. At the end of the course, we will assist to complete an individual action plan for both your personal development and career progression and when you depart the course we will still be there for advice, further training and helping you progress in our chosen direction, well into the future.

At the end of your 14 week course, we will be action planning your return for final assessments in the future. During this time our Tutors will be on hand to advise and help with this ongoing development on a personal and coaching level until you complete you Governing Body award assessments. After this we will be on hand helping and advising on career decisions. By this time you will have a fantastic selection of skills, a great level of knowledge and a high level of awards which should lead to a long term career position, and we’ll help direct you on the most suitable path.

Check out our Is it for me? page to see what previous students have gone on to.

You can still go on to continue your career progression by attending further courses. Again, we can help, from weekend courses through to our annual International River Guide Training (IRGT) course in Nepal, or even join us on an exciting worldwide adventure.

And of course there’s our annual Academy reunion where you get to come back for a free weekend and tell us what you have been up to and we get to share our advice on how we can help further your adventure career.