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9 Week Instructor Course Overview

With over 25 years’ experience as an employer and training provider in the outdoor industry, working with instructors at all levels and from all over the world, we have designed this fast track outdoor instructor training course to be your gateway into a Career in the outdoor adventure industry.

This Outdoor Instructor Academy course is designed an alternative to the traditional outdoor career routes which can be through University courses or trainee schemes and is suited to all ages whether experienced or new to the outdoors. It aims to give you the skills, knowledge and qualifications to directly kick-start a working career in the outdoor industry.

Unique to the course is our very high level of instruction and high staff to student ratios, with a maximum of only 8 participants per course. This ensures you have every opportunity to gain all you need to step straight into the role of an outdoor instructor.

Our fast track outdoor instructor course can be intensive at times and will involve a lot of hard work, practical and theory based, to make the most of this training. Our Outdoor Instructor Academy training courses are full time based on a compulsory 6 day week with the core syllabus and skills being covered Monday to Sunday with Saturdays as a rest day or the opportunity to gain further coaching experience participating in other onsite activities with our team of instructors available seven days a week included in the course fee. So if you to really want to get the most from the 9 week fast track outdoor instructor training course and give you the maximum chance of gaining your qualifications and furthering experience the Saturday offers the opportunity to get extra hands on coaching, or take a days’ rest. This really is an exciting action filled outdoor instructor academy training course that could lead you into a future in the outdoor industry that has certainly provided us with many exciting years of adventure.


We have found that by keeping our staff ratio high and student ratio low we can cover the entire outdoor instructor training required to gain the awards on offer in a 9 week period. The delivery method for this course is full time, based on a 6 day week which is an intensive combination of practical and classroom based learning. This Outdoor Instructor Academy training course enables you to get your first qualifications and go out to work as an instructor. There are many courses offering a longer training course at a higher cost with no further results!

After the 9 week academy, we encourage students to go out and gain further personal experience and we will help you develop an action plan on how to move forward and continue your progression within the outdoor industry. This could include completing our 6 week advanced academy or developing your skills and qualifications in a modular format at a later date.


The first half of the outdoor instructor training course predominantly concentrates on your personal skills, to get them up to the required standard for each award. As we are working with you on your skills our coaches will not only be teaching you skills, but teaching you how to teach those skills as well, giving you loads of tips as they go along. We then move into the second half of the course that looks at planning sessions, coaching and working with a variety of groups and abilities. To make sure we are on track the course director or manager will have a weekly appraisal with each student to ensure you are getting the most from the course, and to plan the progression for the following week. As individuals we know you will have individual needs, that’s why we keep the course flexible and tailor the program on a weekly basis, often splitting into smaller groups or 1:1 coaching to ensure targets can be met. Whilst it’s predominantly a practical course there are a number of short lectures within the course giving you the knowledge and understanding of current legislation, good practice, coaching and teaching styles and employment opportunities in this growing industry.

At the end of the 9 week intensive outdoor instructor course, it will be the end of the Academy – but you are really only just at the beginning of your career as an outdoor instructor. This is why we advise throughout the course on options for employment in the industry, helping you to build a portfolio of experience and training, giving you a host of coaching ideas and material to take away and use, and a personal action plan to continue your growth within in the outdoor adventure industry – ‘The biggest office in the world!’

Download the 9 Week Outdoor Instructor Academy Pre-requisites

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