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Course Overview

This course is designed as the next step on the ladder for those already working in the outdoor industry or those with previous outdoor adventure experience. It is also the ideal next step for those who may have previously attended our 9-week outdoor instructor course although it’s not a prerequisite for this advanced course.

For those that have previous logged hours of personal experience and some work experience, the 6 week course works through a programme to prepare and train you for the next level of outdoor qualifications and help you move up the coaching ladder and career aims.

The 6 week advanced academy course will focus on the Single Pitch climbing wall award (SPA) and British Canoeing UKCC level 2 paddle sport coach training, but will also include the MTE Mountain Skills Course and WSA’s Stand Up Paddle Boarding Safety & Rescue and Foundation Instructor Courses.

Unique to the course is our very high level of instruction and high staff to student ratios, with a maximum of only 8 participants per course. This ensures you have every opportunity to gain all you need to achieve the most from the training.

The 6 week course is based on a compulsory 5 day week with the core syllabus and skills being covered Monday to Friday however our staff are on hand at the weekends to offer additional days training and the opportunity to gain further coaching experience included in the course fee. There are also options to gain your RYA powerboat level 2 (additional fees apply).

So if you to really want to get the most from a course and give you the maximum chance of gaining more qualifications and furthering your experience, the weekends offer the opportunity to get extra hands on coaching, or take a days’ rest.

The course is designed to improve your personal skills, prepare you and ensure you have met all of the pre-requisites before your NGB training courses at the end of the five weeks. The last 2 weeks of the course will be formal governing body training courses (Mountain Training, British Canoeing, Water Skills Academy) followed by time with each participant preparing and helping to individually action plan what you need to do to go away and prepare for final assessments.

Unlike many courses we won’t prolong your training and assessment process for our benefit, as you don’t need to pay us to gain personal experience! The final part of our 6 week course we will be to action plan with you to go away and prepare for final assessments in terms of experience and the required logged hours allowing you to continue work and develop your personal experience in your own time, yet knowing we are on hand to mentor and advise. Then, when you are ready, come back for final assessments.

When you have completed your action plan, and met the requirements for assessment then we will have a number of dates throughout the year where we can arrange for you return to complete your individual SPA and L2 Coach assessments in familiar surroundings if you so choose.


Download the 6 Week Advanced Instructor Academy Course Pre-requisites